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Taking that first step and asking for help can be really difficult, especially if you aren't sure what help you need. 

You can use the tool below to let us know how you are feeling and what might be causing you to feel that way. We use that information to recommend the courses that might be best for you.

Our Living Well with a Long-Term Condition (Anxiety) course is specially designed to help you learn new ways to manage your anxiety.

Our Managing Stress online course can help you better understand stress, what causes it and teach you helpful techniques to improve how you are feeling.

Our Living Well with Fatigue course is specially designed to support you with the challenges of fatigue and help improve your general health and wellbeing.  

Our Living Well with Pain course is designed to help you understand more about pain and learn new coping strategies and tools to better manage your pain and the impact it has on your life.

Our Managing Health Anxiety course is specially designed to help you deal with health worries that are becoming overwhelming.

The Mindfulness for Health course teaches mindfulness practices that you can build into your daily routine to help you better manage your long-term condition.

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