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Healthcare professionals

If you have been approached by a patient who is struggling with how they are feeling, we are here to help.  

We are here to support your patients with any stress, anxiety or depression they may be experiencing. We provide a range of online courses, online support, one-to-one therapy and guided self-help.

You can take a look at the things we can and cannot help with by clicking on the boxes below.

Our team is trained to deal with common mental health problems such as stress, anxiety or depression.

We can also offer support to people who are managing a long-term health condition which is impacting on their mental wellbeing.

Unfortunately, we are not trained to work with people who are:

  • Experiencing serious mental illness such as personality disorder, psychosis or bipolar disorder
  • Struggling with drug or alcohol misuse
  • Experiencing anger issues
  • Dealing with childhood abuse or complex trauma

Advice to give to your patients

If you feel like we may be able to help your patient please discuss the range of support we offer first.

Patients can refer themselves to our courses by simply completing our online referral form to arrange an assessment. They can also call us directly on 0114 226 4380.

Once that assessment has been completed, we will be in touch to arrange the next steps. We will write to you following the assessment and again at the end of treatment to keep you updated.

If your patient needs some support to access Sheffield Talking Therapies services, for example if English is not their first language, you can complete the online self-referral form on their behalf as long as you have consent.

Download our service booklet HERE. Please contact us if you would like copies of this leaflet sending out to you.

You can also download our service booklet in the following languages; Arabic, Farsi Persian, Polish, Slovak and Urdu

Our Sheffield Talking Therapies Outcome Measures can be downloaded HERE.

Self-help Access in Routine Primary Care (SHARP)

Self-help Access in Routine Primary Care (SHARP) is an initiative designed to help primary care practitioners to support people with mild to moderate anxiety or depression to access Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based self-help information.

You can find out more about the support on offer to healthcare professionals by visiting

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